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VOGUE KOREA | Beauty in Joy with barenbliss Bloomatte Edition

VOGUE KOREA | Beauty in Joy with barenbliss Bloomatte Edition

Celebrate Your Beauty by Loving Yourself

When the world demands all women to always look beautiful, people tend to ignore what makes a woman feel happy. We forgot, that the process of creating beauty should provide a joyful experience.

Carrying the tagline “beauty in joy” Jina Kim, founder of barenbliss (BNB), believes that through BNB everyone can be happy and mood up because we use natural and no harmful ingredients. In addition, the choice of trendy colors and pleasant aromas can be a mood-booster so that our makeup users can immediately get beautiful results inside and out and feel happy to face their days with the creation of the Korean look they want.

barenbliss(BNB)for Korean Look

The birth of barenbliss began with Jina's long experience in the beauty industry. Jina is a well-known makeup artist and also the president of the Kemosi International School of Cosmetology in South Korea. She has more than a decade of experience in the beauty industry and has won several prestigious awards in South Korea.

Jina Kim - the founder of barenbliss (BNB)

In the journey of her career, Jina has worked in various well-known fashion magazines, such as Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, and Harper's Bazaar, as well as other global brands, such as Shu Uemura, PUMA, and Anna Sui. In addition, Jina is actively collaborating with top celebrity makeup artists in South Korea, such as Red Velvet, T-ARA, and Sistar. Due to her expertise, Jina has appeared several times at Seoul Fashion Week 2009 – 2010, Shanghai K-Pop Star Fashion Show 2013, and others.

Jina pays serious attention to the creation of beauty as an integral part of the self-love process. The first step to loving yourself is to see yourself as a beautiful and unique entity. For this reason, Jina is committed to creating products for women to explore their unique beauty with a range of colors suitable for every skin tone.

Her skills and deep understanding of the beauty industry in South Korea pursued the birth of barenbliss, a beauty series for healthy skin, and is inspired by the natural beauty of every individual from teenagers to adults. barenbliss is committed to helping every individual achieve her or his satisfaction and happiness in using makeup.
“The true purpose of beauty is happiness for oneself, and it is not only about the end result but also the process of creation,” said Jina.
Carrying the unique philosophy of the brand “B+N+B” which means that it is made from pure essential ingredients, no harm, and very comfortable (Bare essentials, No harm, and Bliss moments), BNB is committed to presenting the high quality, fun and healthy beauty series.

barenbliss(bnb) - GlowPick Editor's Pick and Awarded by Beauty+

barenbliss positions itself as a K-beauty brand made from natural ingredients and created for global youth. The brand has been awarded a beauty editor's award from Beauty+, and is recommended by GlowPick's editor, Allure, for its top quality and attractive design.

barenbliss(BNB) BLOOMATTE Complexion Series

This season, barenbliss presents its newest product range, BLOOMATTE Complexion Series, which was created to explore your Korean natural look. This series consists of cushion, skin tint, concealer, and compact powder. Inspired by flower gardens in Korea filled with various kinds of beautiful flowers, BLOOMATTE Complexion Series is infused with Miracle Bloom™ which contains Hibiscus, Magnolia, Chamomile, Camellia, and Calendula flowers, which symbolize the extraordinary personalities of the world.

The content of these 5 flowers has different benefits. Hibiscus works to lock in long-lasting moisture. Magnolia prevents hyperpigmentation. Chamomile to reduce redness and shrink pores. Camellia is a high antioxidant to brighten the skin. Calendula is useful for soothing irritated skin.

barenbliss BLOOMATTE Complexion Series is suitable for women who are confident in who they are, optimistic about their future, independent, and have an adventurous spirit. This series offers youthful skin-loving matte makeup that is suitable for everyday use or as a complement to your glamorous day.

youthful skin-loving matte makeup


True Beauty Inside Cushion

A high coverage cushion enriched with Miracle Bloom™ produces a flawless matte look for up to 24 hours, easy to retouch anywhere. The texture is light and buildable which is able to layer perfectly without making your face look cakey and dry or oily.

Barenbliss(BNB) True Beauty Inside Cushion


Light It Up Skin Tint

It’s a Light textured skin tint with a matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours, enriched with ingredients that are safe and nourish your skin. Light It Up Skin Tint helps increase water content and absorbs excess oil on the face. Created for optimistic young people who will never give up.

Light It Up Skin Tint

Start-Over Concealer

Concealer with a seamless-matte finish that disguises blemishes on your skin for a natural and flawless look. This seamless-matte concealer can be used in various ways to cover dark circles and imperfections on the face, it can also be used as a lip base, depending on your needs.

Start-Over Concealer


Fine to Refine Compact Powder


Ultra-light, long-lasting compact powder with SPF 25 PA++ that helps reduce oil and shine for an airbrushed matte finish. Fine to Refine Compact Powder functions to refine texture, even skin tone, brighten, and disguise imperfections.

Fine to Refine Compact Powder

Barenbliss Bloomatte Complexion Series also contain of Korean miracle bloom essence to make your skin healthy and nourished, make this product as make up and skincare hybrid. All Barenbliss products are based on the stringent global cosmetics standards and EWG safety ingredient certification, we have banned more than 1000+ irritating ingredients that are harmful to the skin and all animal-derived ingredients, such as alcohol, mineral oil, and talc. The goodness contained in all barenbliss products directly nourishes the skin, such as the pH balancing formula, vitamins, antioxidants, and more. barenbliss believes that natural and high-tech ingredients will deliver extraordinary results.

Korean miracle bloom essence

“We want you to build the confidence to carry yourself with joy because that will make you thousand times gorgeous,” close Jina.

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