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What Are the Functions of Loose Body Powder?

Barenbliss Loose Powder

People who know how to make-up know that they have to apply a layer of loose powder to the cheeks after the base makeup. Although loose body powder is powdery with fine particles, it will not appear unnatural when setting the face. After all, loose body powder is the finest particle in the powder series, which has the characteristics of mild and delicate.


So, what are the functions of loose body powder? Girls who put on makeup must know that loose powder is essential. It is mainly used to set makeup, generally used to set the face after all makeup is completed, so it is also called setting powder. Of course, in addition to this effect, it also has other effects. So what are the functions of loose powder? Barenbliss, a professional beauty makeup online store, could tell you.


Ⅰ. Functions of loose body powder


1. Make-up setting: Applying loose shimmer powder can fix the makeup, and the cosmetics will not easily drop out or be rubbed off.


2. Oil absorption: Loose shimmer powder can absorb the oil on the face, keep the makeup shiny, and extend the durability of the makeup.


3. Retouching: When the makeup color is uneven or uncoordinated, loose shimer powder plays a role in retouching.


The function of loose shimmer powder can be said to be very useful. Specifically, it is to adjust skin tone comprehensively, modify the makeup, help create natural makeup and prevent makeup from falling off. It can brighten the complexion and make the skin look clean. If you only use liquid foundation to create a base makeup, you will find that the makeup carefully drawn in the morning will always drop off with the secretion of oil in the afternoon, or there will be eye shadow and glitter blush spots on the bottom of the eyes and cheeks.


Ⅱ. Colors of loose body powder


The loose powder is divided into transparent and slightly colored loose powder. The function of transparent loose powder is to maintain the original color of the foundation, increase the transparency of the skin, and make the complexion more healthy and natural. The ivory color is closer to the skin tone of oriental women, which can create a more natural and soft makeup effect. The loose powder with a slight pink, purple or yellow color can play a role in adjusting the skin tone. A face with a yellowish complexion, using purple loose powder can make the complexion appear attractive and shiny. If you attend important evening events, you should choose loose powder with a brighter texture, which can make you bright and beautiful.


Therefore, the functions of loose powder can be divided into three categories, in addition to the most important make-up setting, but also can oil absorption and retouching. That is to prevent the good cosmetics from peeling off, remove the excess oil on the face, and then make the overall makeup color harmonious. It can be seen that the effect of loose powder is still very powerful and very important, so everyone should learn to use it.

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What Are the Functions of Loose Body Powder?

What Are the Functions of Loose Body Powder?

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