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Hi Gorgeous! We’re looking for elite supporters to become part of us! Please fill out the form below so we can better understand your needs. We’re excited to connect with you.




BNB Brand Ambassador Program


Dear elites, thanks for your interest in our Brand Ambassador program! 👋 We believe sharing experiences is one of the best ways to help others find their #Beautyin-Joy. So, if you’re...


💄Obsessed with beauty and skincare

📷Creative and able to create engaging high-quality content for Instagram and/or YouTube

🎤Excited to share your honest experiences about BNB products

😜Ready to have fun with our products


...then fill out the form below!😍



  1. Beauty in-joy welcome kit
  2. New product trial & review for selected ambassadors
  3. Get a chance to be featured on our official social media pages
  4. Get a chance to get our limited-edition product for selected ambassadors
  5. Giveaway events to a selected group of ambassadors for their followers


Whether you have a million followers, or just 100- No Prob! We call you all content creators who are passionate about beauty & skincare and want to inspire others through our products. ✨


Join the BNB family and get ready to have Beauty in-Joy! 😘🤩


*Please note that this program is only available in the South Korea and Indonesia.

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