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The New Trend of K-Beauty

Lab-based High-performance Clean Beauty

Founded by Jina Kim, barenbliss develops B+N+B philosophy and redefines functional skincare formula. Combining advanced ingredients and blissful elements into our products.

We aim to enhance everyone's experience while using our product. We are also committed to avoiding thousands of harmful ingredients and breaking boundaries of the beauty standard to provide an innovative Beauty in-joy for everyone.

We only add natural and technological ingredients that have been certified by laboratory. We believe that scientific formulas have the power to change the skin. All products in the line contain functional skin ingredients, and the skin will improve visibly.
Based on the stringent global cosmetics standards and EWG safety ingredient certification, we have banned more than 2,000 irritating ingredients that are harmful to the skin and all animal-derived ingredients, such as alcohol, mineral oil, and talc.
Surprising and pleasant beauty experience comes from constant innovation and breakthroughs. Our carefully designed fragrance, texture, and appearance are all impacting your senses, creating a double satisfaction and pleasure experience for you from the inside out.
“More than makeups, we create beauty in joy. Colors and Ingredients are the core of my inspiration. You just enjoy the beauty of pleasure from our entire barenbliss family "
JINA KIM 김진아 has over a decade of experience as a makeup artist and the president of Kemosi International Makeup School in South Korea. She believes makeups always can bring magic and joy to all women. Her work has appeared in Korean and Chinese Vogue, ELLE, BAZAAR, as well as cooperative makeup artists of many famous Korean celebrities, Red Velvet, TARA, Sistar etc.

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