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Unlocking the Secrets of the Clean Beauty Archive Garden: barenbliss‘s Global Flagship Store Grand Opening in Seoul

Seoul, Korea – 25th February. barenbliss, a rising clean beauty brand from Seoul , is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its inaugural global flagship store ----the barenbliss Clean Beauty Archive Garden in Myeongdong. Meanwhile, the brand also announced a collaboration with Korlma Korea at the opening ceremony to establish the joint innovation laboratory, aiming to leverage cutting-edge K-beauty technology on product research and development for satisfying more customers' needs.

This innovative clean beauty space marks a significant milestone for the brand deeply rooted in the Korean beauty market, and embodies the brand's ethos by offering local and visiting consumers an immersive experience centered around the concept of an archive garden.

barenbliss flagship store grand opening in Seoul 

Jina Kim, the co-founder of barenbliss, Lee Chanki, the barenbliss chief makeup scientist and CPO of makeup, and Choi Moonjae, the barenbliss chief skincare scientist and CPO of skincare, and Junhee Kim, the Head Director of Oikonomos Studio and the lead designer of barenbliss's global flagship store, were present at the opening ceremony. Jina shared the concept behind the design of the barenbliss Clean Beauty Archive Garden, “This concept resonates with barenbliss' vision to consistently communicate joyful clean beauty to our consumers,” Jina said.

barenbliss flagship store opening ceremony

At the ceremony, Jina Kim and Junhee Kim introduced and elaborated on the design inspiration of each section to the attending guests. Additionally, Dr. Lee Chanki and Choi Moonjae interpreted the concept of the "blooming archive" recorded in this space, decoding the secrets of barenbliss clean beauty technology. Furthermore, collaboration details with Korlma Korea were unveiled during the opening ceremony, to facilitate the global expansion of K-beauty and provide Asian women with refined products and experiences by joining the mutual expertise force in state-of-the-art technology.

Consumers in barenbliss flagship store  exprience products


This grand opening livestream was simultaneously conducted in Asian countries including Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, with the concept of "Blooming Clean Beauty." Beauty enthusiasts worldwide have proactively participated in the giveaway online and explored the Archive Garden through the livestream lens to share this joyful moment.

The barenbliss Clean Beauty Archive Garden is now open and ready to serve customers with optimal enjoyment as well as an extensive range of products spanning various categories. Consumers are warmly invited to visit in person and embark on an exceptional journey of joyful clean beauty.


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