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How to Use Loose Body Powder?

Barenbliss Loose Powder

Speaking of loose powder, we believe many girls are familiar with it. Loose powder is also a setting powder, used to absorb oil from the skin and make the skin look bright and beautiful. However, how to use loose body powder for good effect? What should we need to pay attention to when using loose powder?


Ⅰ. How to use loose body powder?


Many people think that the loose shimmer powder is to set makeup, then it can be applied a few more layers on the face so that the makeup could last longer. In fact, it is wrong. Loose powder has a setting effect, but it should be used appropriately. Otherwise, it will affect the original makeup, not only failing to beautify but also ruining the makeup. So how to use loose shimmer powder is very important. Don't be in a hurry when you apply loose powder. Don't start applying loose powder right after applying the base makeup, it is best to dry the makeup for a while, so that when applying the loose body powder, it will not give people a heavy feeling and achieve the desired effect.


It is best to use a powder puff when applying loose powder. Do not use a loose powder brush. Apply the powder lightly with a puff rather than pat it directly. Patting the loose body powder directly will make your makeup uneven and look unnatural. Use the powder puff to lightly apply a thin puff and slowly smudge it, don't pat too much at one time. If it isn't enough, continue to add a small layer until you are satisfied.


Ⅱ. Details for the use of loose body powder


1. Don't use it all on the cheeks. Because thick loose powder on the cheeks will affect the skin's gloss. If you continue to use the blusher, too much loose powder will affect the coloring of the face blusher, so the loose powder on the cheeks must be small and thin.


2. If you have acne or spots on your face, or your face is oily skin, don't use loose body powder only. Loose powder can make your skin more beautiful, but the concealer effect of loose powder is not obvious . So if you have acne or spots on your face, you must first use some BB cream or concealer products, and then choose loose body powder to absorb oil and beautify the skin, the effect will be better.


3. For the loose shimmer powder on the nose, if you want to create a layered feeling, do not apply a layer of loose powder on the entire nose, but apply the loose powder on the tip of the nose slightly thicker than that on both sides of the nose, so that the layering effect will be achieved and it will make your nose stand tall.


4. Our loose shimmer powder is generally used on the face, and occasionally we forget that the color of the skin on the face is inconsistent with the color of the neck, so after applying a layer of loose powder to the whole face, don't forget to apply a light layer to the neck to connect the color of the skin on the face and the color of the neck.

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Barenbliss Loose Powder

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Barenbliss Loose Powder

How to Apply Loose Body Powder?

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