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What Are the Functions of Loose Body Powder?

What Are the Functions of Loose Body Powder?

In the hot summer, it is easy to sweat and oil after putting on makeup and ruin the original beautiful makeup. The makeup that took a long time to prepare is wasted, but if you add one more step, which is applying loose powder, then your makeup could be kept for a long time. Its effect can be seen to be marvelous. So what are the functions of loose body powder? For the girls with dry skin will using loose shimmer powder make the whole makeup look patchy and unnatural? Can loose powder and translucent powder be used for dry skin?


Ⅰ. What are the functions of loose body powder?


1. Increase the durability of makeup. After applying the foundation, concealer, blush products, eye shadow, you basically complete your makeup, and then lightly apply a small amount of loose shimmer powder which can set the makeup and keep the eyeshadow and blush fixed, making the makeup more long-lasting, and it is not easy to rub off.


2. Shape the three-dimensional sense of the face. The loose body powder with pearl effect is used to brush on the nose bridge, forehead and chin. Of course, it cannot be used on the whole face. Lightening loose powder also has the effect of slightly adjusting the complexion to shape the three-dimensional appearance of the face.


3. Absorb oil and anti-dust for people with oily skin. Some people have oily skin and tend to get greasy. Loose shimmer powder can control oil and has the effect of modifying skin tone. The powder is relatively loose, with finer powder, low density and high light transmission. After applying it, there will be no heavy makeup feeling, which makes the face appear a velvety semi-matte effect, bringing a comfortable feeling and refreshing look to people with oily skin.


Ⅱ. Can loose body powder be used for dry skin?


Especially for people with dry skin, if you use powder when setting makeup, it is easy to make the foundation unnatural and easy to crack. Even though there is no such thick makeup, the skin still feels dry, which is not better than cracking. Therefore, it is recommended to use loose body powder. The powdery texture is more delicate and smooth. If you want to make the makeup more durable, you can use a powder puff. And if you want to make the makeup more three-dimensional and the time is relatively short, it is also OK to use the loose powder brush. After using the loose powder for dry skin, the whole makeup will be natural and the gloss is super high.


Loose powder is usually used in the last step of makeup. It has a strong effect, with the functions of setting makeup, repairing and controlling oil. Females who like makeup will definitely have loose body powder on the dressing table or carrying with them, to prolong the durability of the makeup and give full play to the charm of beautiful makeup.

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What Are the Functions of Loose Body Powder?

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