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Face Makeup Skills and Steps for Beginners

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For those who love beauty, not being able to wear face makeup is the deepest pain in their hearts. Walking on the street and seeing other people with exquisite face makeup and trendy clothes, beginners might feel envious. So what are the skills for beginners to learn face makeup?


1. Beginners face makeup: Foundation and powder


Foundation: Before applying foundation, remember to shake it first to avoid the problem of oil-water separation or precipitation. You can squeeze out the liquid foundation on your hands first, then apply the liquid foundation to the face with your fingers and point five points, and then use the middle and ring fingers of both hands to push the foundation on the face evenly. You can also use a sponge, spread it evenly, and then apply a layer of liquid foundation, which will have better durability and covering power. Pay special attention to whether the liquid foundation at the corners of the eyes, nose, and hairline is evenly spread.


Powder: Use the powder puff to lightly touch the whitening face powder, first gently push it on your hands, or use the powder puff to rub each other evenly, and then use the pressing method to gently press from the cheeks to the forehead. Press the powder on the parts that need foundation.


2. Beginner face makeup: Eye shadow and eyeline


Eye shadow: If it is an ordinary powder eye shadow (cake), first use an eye shadow brush to dip a small amount of eye shadow, draw it on the eye socket, and then apply eye shadow layer by layer to create a gradient. The eyes of Asians are mostly puffy, and it is recommended to use less light-colored eye shadow when applying face makeup products. If you must use a light-colored eyeshadow, try to paint it on the crease of the eyelid, and then use a dark-skinned or light brown eyeshadow to paint the eye socket. If there is no problem of puffiness, there is no such restriction.


Eyeliner: Generally, black brown eyeliner is the main type. When drawing, lift the eyelids, then draw from the head to the end of the eye, from thin to thick, and then raise it slightly when you reach the end of the eye (people with phoenix eyes can draw it flat), which can make the eyes more energetic. It should be noted that the closer the eyeliner is to the eyelashes, the more natural it is. If the size of the two eyes is not equal, the thickness of the eyeliner can also be adjusted.


3. Beginner face makeup: Eyebrows and lipstick


Eyebrows: Natural eyebrows are lighter and thicker at the center of the eyebrows, and thinner and thicker toward the end of the eyebrows. Many people have excess hairs between the eyebrows and under the eyebrows, which should be carefully removed with small scissors or eyebrow trimmers. If the distance between the two eyes is relatively close, it is necessary to trim more eyebrows near the center of the eyebrows, so that the eyes will be close to the eyebrows. The same technique, people whose eyes are too far apart, can use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to make the eyebrows closer to the center of the eyebrows. When choosing an eyebrow color for face makeup, you can use the same color as your hair color.


Lipstick: When applying foundation, you should cover the lip line with a small amount of foundation, and then you can draw a clearer lip shape. After choosing the color, then smear the lip brush with lipstick (thicker), start from the lip peak to draw the lip line with the lip brush flat against the lips, and finally fill the lips. Or use a lip liner to draw the lip line and fill it with lipstick. We don't recommend this way though, as the lipstick leaves an unsightly lip liner when it comes off.

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