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The Difference Between Korean Makeup Look and Japanese Makeup

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Walking through the streets of Seoul, or sitting in a wooden cafe in Tokyo, you can see beautiful girls with Korean makeup looks or Japanese makeup. Their delicate makeup and elegant smiles make women both envious and eager to try. Korean makeup look and Japanese makeup are very attractive, but what are the specific differences between Korean makeup look and Japanese makeup?


1. The difference between Korean makeup look and Japanese makeup


1) Korean makeup look is different from the eyebrow makeup of Japanese makeup. The eyebrows of Korean makeup look are mostly flat and thick, while the eyebrows of Japanese makeup look are slightly raised.


2) Korean makeup look is different from blush for Japanese makeup. Korean makeup look pays attention to the freshness and naturalness of facial complexion, so the blush is less splashed and lighter, while Japanese makeup looks have a thicker blush to create a sweet feeling.


3) Korean makeup look is different from the base makeup of Japanese makeup. Korean makeup look focuses on fair and clear skin, so the foundation used in the base makeup is extremely fine and the color is closer to the skin tone. The Japanese-style makeup base makeup is only for coverage, and the color requirements are not high.


4) Korean makeup look is different from Japanese makeup. The overall presentation effect of the Korean makeup look is close to the nude makeup style, and the makeup is so light that it seems like nothing. The Japanese-style makeup pursues cuteness and sweetness, and the makeup is obvious.


2. How to paint the bridal makeup of Korean makeup look


Maybe people are familiar with nude makeup in Korean makeup look, but bridal makeup and nude makeup in Korean makeup look have different painting methods after all. Master the makeup steps in order to draw a good-looking Korean makeup look bridal makeup. So how should Korean makeup look bridal makeup be done?


Bridal makeup for Korean makeup look:


1) Dip an appropriate amount of primer with pearlescent effect and spread it evenly on the cheeks to create a natural and perfect skin.


2) Use a large make-up brush to dipped in a makeup powder that is one shade darker than the foundation and lightly hit the cheeks and hairline.


3) Use highlights under the eyes and on the T-zone.


4) Put a long lasting cream blush on the highest position of the cheekbones, then superimpose the powder blush of the previous color number, and stretch it towards the eyebrows with a brush.


5) Use the eyebrow trimmer to repair the eyebrow shape, use the eyebrow powder to emphasize the line of the eyebrows, and then swipe the highlight powder on the lower edge of the eyebrows.


6) Apply the orange eye shadow over the crease of the double eyelid to create a deep eye contour.


7) First use the lipstick as a primer, then use the highlight to light up, and then use a brush to spread it evenly.

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