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How to Apply Loose Body Powder?

Barenbliss Loose Powder

Whether it's clear nude makeup with a fresh student style or sexy heavy makeup with an elegant and mature style, we need to use loose body powder to set the makeup after finishing the foundation. So how do we use loose powder? Where should we put it on the face?


Ⅰ. Introduction of loose body powder


Loose body powder is a type of facial cosmetic. The loose powder does not contain oil, and it is a powder product made of powder raw materials, mainly used after applying foundation lotion or foundation cream. Most of them are used for post-beauty touch-up and make-up to adjust the skin tone and prevent the skin from being too greasy or sticky, showing a delicate complexion, reducing sweat and sebum, enhancing the sustainability of cosmetics and creating soft, fluffy skin. Some loose shimmer powder also has a certain sunscreen effect.


Ⅱ. How to use loose body powder?


1. Use loose powder on the center of the face. Lightening loose powder is mainly applied to the center area of the face to control oil, moisturize, and brighten. Like foundation, it also focuses on the center of the face to weaken the contours of the edges, which can also make the cheeks look smaller. Moreover, our skin should be bright in the center area, rather than the edges of the cheeks.


2. Pat gently on the face. After using the liquid foundation, the base makeup is basically done. If you use loose shimmer powder to set your makeup, remember to pat gently on your face, so that it will look more natural. Never apply loose powder on your face harshly. You can use a loose powder brush to lightly dip the loose body powder, tap on the back of your hand, and then gently brush on the concealer area.


3. Finally, use a cotton pad or soft paper towel to absorb the excess loose powder. Dip the cotton pad again every time after applying loose powder to absorb the excess loose powder.


Ⅲ. Precautions of loose body powder


1. In order for the loose body powder to stick to the skin and apply evenly, lightly pat the loose powder on the face instead of pushing it away.


2. There should be no water on the face when using loose shimmer powder and the face should be wiped clean before use.


3. Wipe the face after sweating to absorb sweat, suppress sweat and cleanse the skin.


4. If the hair looks greasy, you can pour a small amount of loose powder in your hand, then wipe your hair and comb, it can remove the hair oil. We usually put loose powder on the face and forget that the color of the skin on the face is different from the color of the neck. So after sweeping loose powder on your face, you can gently pat a layer on the neck to make the skin of the face and the color of the neck the same.

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Barenbliss Loose Powder

How to Use Loose Body Powder?

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