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How to Choose Liquid to Powder Foundation for Nude Makeup in Korean Beauty Makeup? What Occasion is It Suitable For?

Korean beauty makeup by using Barenbliss cosmetics

Korean drama actors who wear Korean nude makeup in TV dramas are very beautiful. Do you also have the urge to go out with Korean nude makeup? Beautiful Korean nude makeup should not just stay in TV dramas, it should become an artifact for girls to dress up every day. So which occasions are Korean nude beauty makeup more suitable for?


1. What occasions are nude makeup suitable for in Korean beauty makeup


1) Dating. Naked makeup in Korean beauty makeup on a date can best set off the natural and supple skin of girls. The moment you bow your head or turn around, maybe he will be more excited.


2) Working. Girls who are office workers are also suitable for Korean nude makeup, because this makeup makes you look attractive and approachable, and your popularity is also rising.


3) Interview. When you meet for an interview, painting nude makeup in Korean beauty makeup shows that you pay attention to your own image without overdressing, so it is a good makeup look for "sincere" interviews.


4) Go shopping. Going shopping doesn't have to be heavy makeup, and painting a fresh and natural Korean beauty nude makeup will make you sweeter, and the fair and supple skin will be replaced with a more eye-catching effect.


2. How to choose liquid to powder foundation for nude makeup in Korean beauty


Liquid to powder foundation is a must-have cosmetic product in girls' makeup bags, and it may also be used when painting nude makeup in Korean beauty. What is the difference between the liquid to powder foundation used in Korean nude makeup and other makeup foundations? In order to make girls' nude makeup more fresh, natural and endearing, there are some characteristics of Korean liquid to powder foundation. The liquid to powder foundation used for nude makeup in Korean beauty is particular about texture, color and formula. The specific performance is as follows:


1) Texture. The water-like liquid to powder foundation is easy and natural to apply, and it is easy to apply makeup, which is also the most basic need for Korean nude makeup.


2) Color. The color of the liquid to powder foundation should be avoided to be too white, and the choice of natural color liquid to powder foundation is in line with the style of Korean nude makeup.


3) Fomula. Using an oil-free formula can keep Korean nude makeup on for a long time will make makeup more convenient. In addition, liquid to powder foundation also needs to be breathable and not easily soluble in water, because the water-soluble liquid to powder foundation will dissolve the makeup when the girls sweat, which will bring some trouble to the makeup.

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The Difference Between Nude Makeup in Korean Beauty Makeup and Ordinary Nude Makeup

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