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Korean Makeup Look: How to Make Single Eyelid Eye Makeup

Barenbliss brown glitter eyeshadow for Korean makeup look

Korean makeup look is often seen in Korean dramas, and there are many different styles. Girls need to choose the style that suits them. The point of drawing a single eyelid is to make the eye shape of the eye makeup show the charm, to draw the effect of enlarging the eyes. Ordinary people can also have the style of the heroine of a Korean drama. Korean-style single eyelid eye makeup not only makes up for the disadvantage of single eyelid, but also makes you the focus. Korean makeup look cannot be defeated in eye makeup. So how to make single eyelid eye makeup in Korean makeup look?


Ⅰ. The painting method of Korean makeup look's single eyelid eye makeup


1) Prepare double eyelid stickers. Clean the eyelids first, keep the eyelids clean and dry, and then stick the double eyelid stickers. After sticking, press the end of the eyes tightly to make the double eyelid stickers fit better.


2) Concealer primer. Use brown eye concealer to apply primer on the eyelids to cover the traces of double eyelid stickers, mainly to cover dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.


3) Prepare an eye shadow brush with a small brush head, dip an appropriate amount of light eye shadow, and apply it evenly on the end of the eye. Then apply a cool eye shadow on the bottom of the lower eye, and choose a brown glitter eyeshadow on the head of the eye to create a layered eye makeup.


4) Prepare liquid eyeliner. Choose a liquid eyeliner pencil with a thinner style and draw along the roots of the eyelashes to draw a smooth eyeliner. When it reaches the end of the eye, it should be slightly upturned. Then use dark eyeshadow to smudge the eyeliner, use black eyeliner to draw the eyeliner again, and finally use the eyeshadow to naturally smudge and smudge the edge of the eyeliner.


5) Paste false eyelashes. Trim the appropriate length first, then apply glue, wait for about 3-5s, and stick the false eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes, and finally adjust them properly with tweezers.


Ⅱ. What occasions are Korean makeup look and Japanese makeup suitable for


Generally speaking, Korean makeup look and Japanese makeup do not have strict occasion requirements. But different occasions can also give yourself extra points by highlighting the different accents of Korean makeup look and Japanese makeup. For example, the indoor light is not as natural and soft as the outdoor light, and the complexion of girls' faces will be duller, so choose a foundation with a warm gold tone when applying foundation makeup. A light rose blush can help brighten your complexion. This does not conflict with painting Korean makeup look and Japanese makeup. As long as girls grasp their makeup style, it is wise to make appropriate adjustments in makeup.


When the light is strong outdoors, the blemishes of the skin are easily exaggerated, so girls remember to put a thicker foundation on themselves when they are outdoors. At the same time, the color of the blush should be lightened accordingly, because the outdoors will make your blush more colorful.

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