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How to Use Eyeliner Without Smudging?

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Eyeliner is a kind of make-up product, its shape is similar to a pencil, used to deepen and highlight the make-up effect of the eyes, making the eyes look big and bright. Eye makeup is an important part of the makeup steps. Once the eye makeup is done, it can perfect the overall makeup. But the drawing method of eye makeup is relatively difficult, especially for novices. When drawing an eyeline, if you don't pay attention to it, it will smudge easily. So, how to use eyeliner without smudging?


1. Be prepared before using eyeliner


Before starting to draw eyeline, first use the eye primer to make the base to ensure the eye makeup won't smudge. It is even more important to apply the eye primer to the eye area before drawing the eyeline. Apply evenly around your eyes, and use your fingers to gently pat it apart. This will make the skin around the eyes dry and smooth and make it easier to draw the eyeliner.


2. How to use eyeliner for novices?


Then it comes to using eyeliner. The choice of eyeliner is very important. For novices, it is best to choose a basic eyeliner with a round nib, which is easier to handle. At the same time, when drawing the eyeline, it is best to lift the eyelid with your hands to facilitate the drawing of the inner eyeline. Use an eyeliner to carefully draw inner eyeline on the roots of the eyelashes, so that the roots of the eyelashes can be filled with the eyeline, making the eyes deeper and more three-dimensional, creating charming eyes.


3. Use liquid eyeliner to complete the rest


The third step is to use liquid eyeliner, and you also have to make a good choice. Since you want the eyeline not to smudge, you must use the liquid eyeliner to draw on the corner of the eye and the end of the eye, because the anti-blooming effect of liquid eyeliner is the best. After these are finished, you can draw the eyeshadow, brown glitter eyeshadow is fine, in order to avoid smudging of the eyeliner as much as possible, you should apply a makeup brush to the eye shadow to gently smudge the eyeline. Meanwhile, the lower lash line at the end of the eye could be smudged properly to create a natural eye makeup.


It is obvious that applying eye makeup is not easy, not to mention the choice of eyeliner and liquid eyeliner, but also to consider how to make the eye makeup not smudging. After all, once the eye makeup is smudged, the makeup will be dirty and people will look messy. Therefore, girls should pay attention to the method and practice when drawing eyeline.

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Barenbliss Eyeliner

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Barenbliss Eyeliner

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