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How to Draw Eyeshadow on Single Eyelid?

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Eye shadow is used to make up around the eyes, with color and shadow to give it a three-dimensional effect. Eye shadows have forms of powder, stick, cream, emulsion and pencil. The eye shadow follows the shape of the eyelids, and the way it extends diagonally above the eyes can make the eye makeup more charming. Let the eyeshadow extend towards the temples, and choose pearlescent white eyeshadows to embellish the inside of the lower eyelids to make the eyes brighter. A powder applied on the eyelids before putting on eye shadows can make eye makeup more vivid and lasting.


1. How to draw eyeshadow?


Naturally, eye shadow and eyeliner are indispensable to creating beautiful eye makeup. If you want to paint clear and nude makeup, just simply paint the eyelashes. But if you want your eyes to be more bright, don't forget to apply eye shadow.


The first step is to dip a sponge brush into the pearlescent eye shadow, and carefully apply the entire eye socket. The pearlescent eye shadow will increase the three-dimensional effect of the eye. In the second step, use the eye shadow brush to dip the eye shadow, and then sweep it on the inner and outer parts of the eyes, so that the three-dimensional effect will be stronger. The third step is to close one eye, dip a small sponge brush into the pearlescent eyeshadow powder, and apply it to the center of the eyeball. In the fourth step, use a fine brush to paint dark eyeshadow lines on the inner eyeliner area and the V-shaped area of the lower eye.


2. How to draw eyeshadow on single eyelid?


Barenbliss has prepared a super useful single eyelid eyeshadow method for you to enlarge your eyes and overwhelmingly defeat girls with double eyelids. First prepare the tools, namely eye shadow, eye shadow brush, basic eyeliner and mascara. The first step is to draw an eyeline on the lower eyelid and the end of the eye. The second step is to dip the eyeshadow with the eyeshadow brush, and then sweep it in the eye socket, and smudge it by the way. The third step is to use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, and then apply mascara to the eyelashes.


First use a very fine eyeliner to draw a rough outline. Gently connect the dots, remember not to shoot too hard, but be gentle. Just connect the dots into a line. Then fill in the blank space between the eyeline and eyelashes. Then immediately start to blend, using a thin eyeliner brush to blend the ends of the eyes. Dip the eyeshadow brush onto the nude eyeshadow and blend it slightly. Then use nude eyeshadow to smudge from the corner to the end of the eye. Apply light eyeshadow to the lower eyelid and smudge it with dark eyeshadow in the end.

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