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Korean Makeup Look: How to Apply Lip Bite Makeup

Korean makeup look by using Barenbliss cosmetics

Whether it's a daily date, outing or going to work, Korean makeup look can soften the lines of your face. And Korean makeup look is the main theme of "no makeup is better than makeup", which is also the love of many beauties. In fact, as long as beauties dress up carefully and learn more Korean makeup look makeup skills, becoming beautiful is an easy task. Korean food, Korean cosmetics, Korean makeup look and Korean culture are popular in recent years, so what are the painting skills of Korean makeup look?


1. The biting lip makeup of Korean makeup look is popular with girls


Among Korean makeup look, Korean-style lip-biting makeup is relatively famous, so how to paint the lip-biting makeup of the Korean makeup look? The Korean makeup look is very particular about biting lip makeup. Lip bite, usually a dark red, is a lipstick shade that has a "vague" lip finish.


2. How to apply the lip bite of Korean makeup look


1) Prime the lips first, gently pat the BB cream or liquid foundation on the lips with a cotton puff, then lightly moisturize the lips with a lip balm, and then press lightly with a tissue.


2) Next, apply a proper amount of lip make-up product on the center of the lips, for example, matte lipcream. If it is a lipstick, you can apply it directly or use a lip brush to assist in the middle of the lips. Then diffuse the color outwards and do a smudge, making it lighter and lighter near the lip line.


3) Then use a lip brush to take a small amount of liquid foundation and mix the color on the lip brush, apply it to the outermost edge of the lips, and make the color of the outermost edge of the lips smudge close to the skin tone.


4) Finally, apply a lip balm to the lips to enhance the moist feel of the bite lip look while creating a plump lip look. Generally, the bite lip makeup of Korean makeup look is mostly burgundy, pink, orange, and berry color. One thing to note is that after applying the biting lip makeup, remember to wipe off the excess lipstick with a cotton pad.


3. How to draw a fresh Korean makeup look


So how to draw a fresh Korean makeup look? Fresh Korean makeup look is actually using the simplest color system and steps to highlight the most natural good complexion. First, choose a refreshing foundation and spread it evenly on the whole face, and use the powder to set the makeup without clogging the pores. Then use a brown brow tint to smudge the brows, and apply a pink blush to the laughing muscles. First swipe a light purple eyeshadow on the eye sockets, and then brush brown eyeshadow on the double eyelids. Use a black eyeliner to draw a natural and clear eyeliner, and smudge the eyeliner at the end of the eye to make the entire eye makeup more natural. Glue the false lashes along the base of the lashes. Finally, choose a peach lip gloss to brighten your lips.

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