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How to Draw Nice Eyeline with Eyeliner?

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Eyeliner is a kind of make-up product, its shape is similar to a pencil, used to deepen and highlight the make-up effect of the eyes, making the eyes look big and bright. When drawing eyeliner, everyone's drawing method is different.


1. How to sharpen the eyeliner?


Many beauties have such troubles that eyeliner is getting shorter and shorter, but it is difficult to sharpen it. If you use some big brand eyeliner sharpeners, although the effect is good, the price is high. However, if you use the ordinary pencil sharpener in the stationery store, the pen usually breaks before the tip is sharpened, which is very distressing. So how do we sharpen the eyeliner?


Do not use pencil sharpeners to sharpen eyeliner or eyebrow pencils. Be sure to use the blade to sharpen manually. The eyeliner and eyebrow pencils now have a pen holder that can be torn. When sharpening the pen, we must first thin the pen and then grind it into an oblique shape. Test the tip on the back of the hand to ensure no more stab and sharpness. For pens with a softer texture and darker color, cover them with a pen cap after usage to prevent the pen from getting dust and oil stains.


2. How to draw an eyeliner?


Eye makeup will affect the entire makeup. In order to make the eyes look beautiful and bright, you can use eyeliner to modify the eyes to make the eyes look more glamorous. Then how to draw an eyeline? Barenbliss, a Korean cosmetics online store, provides the guide of drawing an eyeline for you.


1. The way of holding a basic eyeliner and pencil is the same, the more you hold the front, the better you can control the line. For those who are new to eyeliner, draw a few strokes on the back of the hand to get familiar with the eyeliner drawing method.


2. When drawing the eyeline, you might as well put the little finger of your right hand against the cheek first, and put your elbow on the table, so that you can maintain your balance. When you use the eyeliner to draw the eyeline, it is not easy to shake your hands.


3. If you want to draw the eyeline well, you should draw from the center of the eye, and draw the head and tail of the eye in the end.


4. When drawing the eyeline, put the small mirror under the eyes and look down so that you can see clearly when you draw.


5. The eyeline must be close to the root of the real eyelashes, so when you draw the eyeliner, use the other hand to hold up the eyelid slightly and lift your head up so that the roots of the eyelashes are fully exposed and you can clearly see the eyelashes. .


6. Fill in the gap between the roots of the eyelashes and trace the line of the eyeline smoothly. You can slightly adjust the eyeline in the middle of the eyelid and widen the eyeline in the eyelid, so that your eyes look deeper.

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Barenbliss Eyeliner

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