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How to Draw Korean Makeup Look? How to Pluck One's Eyebrows?

Korean makeup look by using Barenbliss eyebrow

In this age of face-seeing, how can you not wear makeup? The Korean makeup look has always been sought after. For example, in recent years, the lip-biting makeup and nude makeup have been popular, which have always been loved by beauties. So how do you draw the Korean makeup look? If you think heavy makeup is too tacky, then you might as well learn the Korean makeup look. The Korean makeup look is clear but looks so energetic, especially the brows in the Korean makeup look. Eyebrows are the finishing touch in your makeup look, so how to pluck one's eyebrows in Korean makeup look?


1. How to draw Korean makeup look


1) Apply a primer that suits your color on your face. Generally speaking, pink is suitable for pale skin, green is suitable for reddened skin, and purple is suitable for people with uneven skin tone.


2) Then apply BB cream on the face, and pat the BB cream on the skin. You can also use the makeup tool. It's just that the fingers are warm, and the makeup will be easier to apply.


3) Since Korean makeup look is generally light makeup, complexion is very important. It is recommended to choose a liquid blush or cream blush that is highly skin-friendly and pat on the cheekbones.


4) Use an electric eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. Make sure to curl your eyelashes so that you can apply mascara well.


5) Then use the mascara to brush in a Z-shape to create a slender feeling, and then apply the mascara from the root to give a plump feeling.


6) Apply orange lipstick or matte lipcream in the middle of the lips, you don't need too many layers, one or two layers are the best, depending on your lip color.


7) In order to make the eyes more energetic, choose to use the silkworm pen to brighten the eyes, and apply a little on the lower eyelid, and you will have a look instantly!


8) Finally, apply a thin layer of orange lipstick while the lip tint is dry. Do not apply directly, it is easy to cause the lip color to be too orange and look unnatural.


2. How to pluck one's eyebrows in Korean makeup look


1) First, use the eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of the daily eyebrows, so that the unwanted hair can be distinguished from the required part. This trick is very useful for people who are not very good at shaving their eyebrows. Of course, if they are skilled, they can directly use the eyebrow knife.


2) Then follow the outline of the eyebrow shape to process. First remove the stray hairs from the eyebrows with an eyebrow knife. Then the second half of the eyebrows, it is best to shave it diagonally inward, so that the eyebrows will look better.


3) The third step is also the most difficult part, which is to clean the stray hairs above the eyelids. Because the position is not easy to grasp, it can be cleaned in several times.


4) The last is the brows. Generally, people with thicker eyebrows will have more hairs on the brows. When repairing, you should be almost flush with the eyes and then shave vertically down, so as not to shave a gap.

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