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How to Draw Korean Makeup Look Without Taking Off?

Barenbliss Korean makeup look

The fresh Korean makeup look is lovely, but it is easy to be taken off. After girls find their makeup taken off, they will habitually take out the powder box to touch up their makeup. Their makeup becomes thicker and thicker and finally their makeup will be ruined, so how can Korean makeup look away from taking off?


1. How to draw Korean makeup look without taking off


If you want Korean makeup look to look good, first of all, moisturizing before makeup is very important! If there is sufficient moisture in the skin, it is difficult for excess sebum to be secreted, so the situation of oily face can be avoided, so the first step to keep makeup from separating is to do a good job of moisturizing the skin before makeup. Secondly, liquid foundation is a big plus for moisturizing. Choosing a moisturizing liquid foundation as the base makeup will greatly improve the problem of makeup removal. The liquid foundation should be light and breathable. If you pursue the effect of nude makeup, you need to pay more attention to the choice of liquid foundation. Of course, if you want to completely solve the problem of makeup removal, you might as well add an appropriate amount of lotion to the liquid foundation, so that the makeup will be more docile.


2. How to remove the nude makeup of Korean makeup look


Among the nude makeup looks, the nude makeup of the Korean makeup look is a more popular one, and its painting method is also different from ordinary makeup. Korean nude makeup can create a fresh and natural effect for girls' skin. It is the secret for girls to dress up, and girls who can make Korean nude makeup to perfection are undoubtedly knockouts.


Although the nude makeup of Korean makeup look is fresh, elegant and light. Thinking that the makeup is not too heavy, so girls might be too lazy to remove makeup. Korean-style nude makeup without removing makeup will cause cosmetic residues to block skin pores, causing skin aging and pigmentation, and the consequences are very serious. So how should Korean makeup look nude makeup be removed?


The way to remove Korean makeup look nude makeup is relatively simple and easy to learn. Girls first need to choose a mild makeup remover. Leave the makeup remover on the face for a few minutes, and rinse with water. Then apply a cleansing product to the face, massage the skin with your hands, and completely remove the residual makeup. Be careful when removing makeup from the eyes and lips, because the skin in these areas is relatively delicate, and heavy gestures may cause skin damage. Although removal method of Korean makeup look nude makeup is not complicated, but girls still need to remove makeup in time before going to bed, and apply skin care products, so as to make themselves beautiful day and night.

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